Implementing the Best in Dental Lab Technology

Dental materials, ceramics, and restorations have changed significantly over the past several decades. At Miller Dental Lab we know first-hand which ones work best for specific needs and restorative designs.

Implant Restoration

Dental Implant Restoration Design

You already know how life changing dental implants are for your patients. But it’s not until your patient looks in the mirror to see the fixed restorations that they get a feel for just how beneficial their full mouth reconstruction case truly is.

Denture Design

Traditional & Digital Denture Design

Our dental lab technicians have been designing dentures for Spokane dentists for more than 65 years. When it comes to customized restorations, dentures are often the most affordable and efficient way.

Bridge Fabrication

Crown & Bridge Fabrication

Whether you’re replacing visible upper anteriors or load-bearing second molars, our dental implant crowns and bridges are designed for both beauty and durability. At Miller Dental Lab, we provide comprehensive dental implant restorations .


What Sets Us Apart

Our lab, located in Spokane Washington, has been serving dentists throughout Washington, Montana and Idaho since 1951. For more than 65 years, we’ve worked to gain the trust and confidence of our clients and their patients when it comes to delivering high quality, aesthetic, durable restorations. Whether you’re a solo practitioner or a multi doctor practice, we offer start-to-finish dental lab and restorative design services for all of your business needs.


“We work closely with each dental client to ensure the exact specifications are met for their patients.”

When it comes to providing your patients with beautiful, quality dental restorations, we at Miller Dental Lab are dedicated to ensuring a streamlined process that allows you to provide the highest level of care without compromising aesthetics and durability.

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