Dental Implant Restoration Design

Miller Dental Lab in Spokane provides dental implant fabrication services that help dentists transform the lives of their patients with quality custom restoration designs.

We understand that dental lab implant technology is an art as well as a science.

Our dental implant restoration specialists combine state-of-the-art technology with creative design techniques backed by high levels of craftsmanship.

We take pride in our work – a combination of handcrafted artistry and the latest in implant fabrication technology – and regard ourselves as artisans of implant aesthetics and function.

Unlike minimally functional, mass-produced implant restorations, we deliver quality implant restoration services using the most reliable materials to assure our dentists and their patients get a long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing implant solution. Our Dental Implant Restoration Design Services

Our comprehensive Spokane dental implant restoration design services are based on a streamlined process that ensures quality, precision, and timely delivery.

These services include:

Custom titanium abutments. Our precision-milled custom titanium abutments provide optimal support for crowns or bridges.

Custom zirconia abutments. Our metal-free custom zirconia abutments are favored by implant dentists with patients who want maximum aesthetics or have a thin biotype.

Atlantis custom abutments. Our Atlantis custom abutments are compatible with multiple dental implant platforms.

We also provide:

  • Cast gold posts.
  • Full zirconia bridges.
  • E.Max crowns.
  • PFM single-unit crowns.
  • PMMA temporary crowns.

How We Work with Our Clients

The relationship between a dental lab and its partnered dentist plays a major role in the patient experience in terms of delivering quality dental implants.

Good partnerships with dental labs are essential for dentists to get custom-fit products that will guarantee a patient’s oral health while enhancing facial appearance over many years – possibly a lifetime.

Miller Dental Lab ensures strong lines of communication with its clients, which is key to a strong, long-lasting business relationship.

We establish a rapport with our dentists that enables them to feel free to ask us questions while being responsive to helpful suggestions from us based on our expertise and experience.

A good relationship between us and your practice will also give your patients the most cost-effective implant option while saving you time and resources.

The implant treatments you provide are only as good as the tools and products you use. Miller Dental Lab will make sure you get quality fabrications with the precise specifications needed for the best results.

Our relationship with our dentists goes a long way towards timely delivery of the implant products they need while allowing us to maintain rigorous quality control. Turnaround of our dental implant restorations is typically seven days from receiving your digital scans or impressions – and in many cases even faster.

Unique challenges are often present in dental implant restorations because each of your implant cases is unique. Our relationship with our clients helps us to overcome these challenges and deliver a superior product with a more predictable outcome.

Why Choose Miller Dental Lab for Your Implant Restorations?

Dentists rely on the expertise of Miller Dental Lab for implant restoration design services because they result in implants that help them provide tooth replacement systems of the highest quality, durability, and aesthetics.

Our technicians have spent years perfecting their craft, using the best implant materials and techniques to create implant restorations that will impress your patients.

While you benefit from a streamlined implant restoration process, your patients will greatly appreciate the resulting highly functional tooth-replacement system that allows them to eat and speak as normal and restores their confidence to show off their smile.

We offer start-to-finish total restorative implant design solutions, working closely with each of our clients to provide a personalized service that ensures their exact specifications are met for their patients.

Other reasons implant dentists choose our implant restoration design services include our capabilities to stay abreast of advances in technology, our family business values, and our solid reputation.

Embracing New Implant Restoration Technology

Miller Dental Lab keeps up to date with the latest techniques in the production of dental implant restorations.

Since dental implants began to change the world of restorative dentistry in the the 80s as a high-tech alternative to traditional dentures and bridges, we’ve kept a close eye on developments.

We’ve witnessed and kept up with advances such as mini-implants, micro-implants, implant-supported overdentures, subperiosteal implants, implants for bridges, and CAD/CAM dental implant technology.

We were also on the ball when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of zirconia implants in 2011.

Further advances in implant restoration design and materials are sure to continue – and we’ll be there to take full advantage of them so we can continue to invest in new technology and offer the best dental implant restoration design service for our dentists.

Our high level of artistic hand skills combined with our oral anatomical knowledge and the advantages of CAD/CAM technology allows us to continue our tradition of creating the best prosthetics for our dentists and their patients.

Our Family Business Values

While fully embracing the latest technology, Miller Dental Lab maintains a strong emphasis on the traditional values that come with being a family-owned and run business for 70 years.

This was highlighted when team leader and certified dental technician Ron Miller picked up the prestigious Chet Claus Award in 2012 – after his father, Ike received the same accolade in the early 80s.

The Chet Claus Award is presented annually by Washington State Dental Laboratory Association (WSDLA) to a member who has demonstrated high levels of dedication to the industry.

Our Reputation

Our full-service dental lab has been working with dentists throughout the Northwest – including Washington, Idaho, and Montana – since 1951.

Since then, we’ve earned a strong reputation for creating products that give dentists the means to provide quality care for patients with an emphasis on aesthetics and comfort.

Our long list of satisfied clients includes solo practitioners and multi-doctor practices who come back to us time and time again to get the premium quality dental implant restorations they need to provide the best solutions for their patients.

Contact Miller Dental Lab today to find out more about how our Spokane dental implant restoration design services can benefit both your practice and your patients.

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