Traditional Digital Denture Design

Miller Dental Lab in Spokane provides denture design and fabrication services for dentists throughout the Northwest, producing dentures with high levels of functionality, aesthetics, and comfort for their patients.

Our denture services combine the artisan artistry ethic of traditional denture production with the technological innovations of digital denture design and fabrication.

Our traditional and digital denture design and fabrication services are delivered by experienced technicians who keep up to speed with advances in denture production and use premium materials to ensure the best patient experience.

The Miller Dental Lab full-service denture process is designed to give dentists a streamlined resource to get precision-crafted products as quickly as possible without compromising on quality.

Our Denture Products and Services

Miller Dental Lab provides a range of denture products and design and fabrication services, including comprehensive full (complete) denture services, plus:

Acrylic Partial Dentures

Acrylic (plastic) partial dentures give your patients a more affordable tooth replacement option compared with metal dentures if they don’t mind the additional maintenance and hygiene requirements.

Acrylic dentures are now more comfortable and facilitate future changes such as the addition of a new denture base or new teeth, which saves on adaptation, time, and cost.

Your patients will find that our acrylic partial dentures look reasonably natural, and with proper care will continue to look good for years.

DuraFlex Partial Dentures

A leading brand in partial dentures, DuraFlex partials provide a robust but flexible option with advanced materials incorporating thermoplastic technology that can improve clinical results and patient acceptance.

DuraFlex overcomes the limitations of older flexible denture materials such as nylon while providing all the benefits of flexible partials over chrome RPDs (removable partial dentures).

DuraFlex material is also more durable than acrylic, with high resistance to water absorption, making it less susceptible than nylon to develop odors or stains.

Immediate Dentures

Our quality immediate dentures – complete and partials – are the choice of many dentists as a superior temporary option immediately after extractions.

Miller Dental Lab's immediate dentures not only provide an instant aesthetic solution – resembling the color and shape of remaining natural teeth – but can also reduce bleeding and protect tissues.

Our immediate dentures will enable your patients to enjoy a smooth transition toward their permanent dentures, allowing them to get used to speaking and eating with replacement teeth straight away while minimizing any facial distortion.

Bite Rims

Our bite rims – denture occlusal rims – not only gauge the patient’s bite but also help our technicians to select tooth shape and size. We also use bite rims to establish aesthetic gingival contours for the full denture and determine the right position of the incisal edge of the teeth.

Gathering as much information as possible at this preliminary stage of our denture design process enables our technicians to produce the best denture try-ins.

Denture Try-Ins

Another important step in denture fabrication and design, wax try-ins of the replacement teeth give your patients a preview of their new smile, and allow the dentist to confirm function and fit.

Based on information gained from the bite rim stage, our denture technicians configure the denture-try-in to appropriate shape, size, and requested shade of teeth to create a basic mold of what the finished teeth would look like.

Denture Finishing

Our denture finishing is designed to give dentists an end product that will delight their patients, and the process entails meticulous attention to detail in removing excess material, smoothing down, and polishing with special brushes of varying sizes.

Our technicians then rinse the denture and brush it with fine particles of powder to get the final polished product subject to occlusal adjustment.

Denture Relines

For your patients whose dentures don’t fit as comfortably as they used to, Miller Dental Lab offers denture relining services to repair or replace damaged or missing parts or add material to compensate for changes in oral hard and soft tissue.

Flipper Teeth

Flipper teeth – a form of acrylic partial denture – give your patients an affordable, relatively fast, temporary solution to the loss of one or more teeth. They look fairly natural and stabilize remaining teeth, lessening the likelihood of shifting.

Benefits of Digital Denture Design

Dentures have changed significantly thanks to state-of-the-art technology.

Miller Dental Lab technicians keep up to date with the latest digital advances in denture design, which have overcome the problems associated with conventional methods.

Our dentures are designed with the help of computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM).

Advantages of our digital denture design services include:

  • Greater precision enabling a better fit and more comfort.
  • Software that allows for complete full customization of replacement teeth.
  • Dentures with bio-hygienic properties that help to avoid bad breath and sores.
  • Fewer appointments for your patients.
  • Quick and clean digital scans enable dentists to avoid time-consuming physical impressions that can be distressing for some patients.
  • Permanent digital storage of impressions and dimensions, facilitating future replacements in the event of loss or damage.

Why Choose Miller Dental Lab Denture Services?

Miller Dental Lab has been providing dentures for dentists and their patients across Washington State, Montana, and Idaho for 70 years.

During that time, our family-owned and run business has gained a reputation for quality denture products and services and we’re also known for keeping pace with technological progress.

These factors contributed to our dental lab winning two major awards from Washington State Dental Laboratory Association (WSDLA) for outstanding work.

Our comprehensive denture design and fabrication services include:

  • Permanent dentures.
  • Immediate dentures.
  • Partial dentures.
  • Overdentures.
  • Implant-retained dentures.

Key Role of Our Denture Services

Our denture services play an important role in helping dentists to significantly improve the quality of life of thousands of patients who’ve lost one or more teeth through decay, gum disease, or injury.

Dentists choose our dental lab because we provide:

  • Streamlined, start-to-finish denture services.
  • Denture production expertise and experience.
  • Outstanding customer service and communication.
  • Timely delivery.

Contact Miller Dental Lab now to discover more about how our Spokane traditional and digital denture design services can help your practice consolidate its reputation for quality, durable, natural-looking dentures at affordable prices.

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